With the real flowers of the bridal bouquet, the artist Tina Altus creates her unique original. Perfect as a permanent reminder of your wedding. The extraordinary thing is that Tina Altus really uses the original flowers of her brewing bouquet. 


With a lot of research, experiments and a creative mind, the Artist Tina Altus found a way to do so, by transforming bridal bouquets into beautiful art pieces you can hang on your wall. The pictures are very decorative, extraordinary and always one of a kind. 

How does it work?

You send Tina your bridal bouquet. In a special procedure, the original blossoms of bouquet are processed, dried and then transformed into a beautiful art piece.


The colour scheme, background and size will be adapted to you own wished. The background is made out of a special durable material. 


For your picture I use only the best and most beautiful flowers of your bridal bouquet. The picture will be framed with a UV protection glass of the highest quality to ensure it will last forever.

Each picture is touching, imaginative and a beautiful unique piece that will be an eye catcher for everyone entering your home. 

How long does it take?

After receiving the bridal bouquet, preferably maximum two or three days after the wedding, Tina starts immediately working on the piece. Maybe you will be relaxing on your honeymoon or just enjoying the married life.


The artist needs about 4 to 6 weeks to create her artwork. That depends on the size of the pictures and the nature of the flowers.

Sounds like the perfect gift or memory?

Oftentimes, friends and relatives ask what they want for the wedding. The own artwork from the flowers of the bridal bouquet is a wonderful gift idea. 


Order your artwork from the bridal bouquet here.